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The Energy Challenge - New Infrastructure

1,687 views 1 year ago
£110 billion will be invested in electricity generation alone over the next decade. That's equivalent to building 20 Olympic stadia every year until 2020.

Find out more about the scale of investment needed to keep the lights while tackling dangerous climate change.

Or to consider the options for yourself try the My2050 calculator: http://my2050.decc.gov.uk/ Show less
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British Energy Challenge Play

How can we power the country, keep bills down and cut greenhouse gas emissions? From using less energy in our homes to renewable energy, nuclear and fossil fuels, there are many different ways we can meet the UK's 21st century energy needs.

These short animations set out the challenges and opportunities we face in cutting greenhouse gas emissions while meeting demand and supporting economic growth.

To consider the options for yourself, have a look at the My2050 calculator: http://my2050.decc.gov.uk/
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