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Concentration camps in our country being made by fema Play


After watching, please reupload them ASAP and spread them. Direct people to this channel and post links to our Youtube page - Myspace and soon website.

Everyone needs to see this!

This is 100% proof of FEMA coffins FEMA camps and FEMA graves! This is the best series on the net to show this. I have spent a lot of time putting it together so USE IT!

Show everyone you can these videos!

You may see some shills attacks these videos but you will only see them hang around part one and two. You will NOT see them move on to the later parts. Its like poison to them ,they can not fight it - TO MUCH TRUTH IS THERE!

Shill slaying videos Part 3 on.

If you see a shill on this series rip them a new one. DO NOT LET THEM SILENCE US OR MAKE OTHER PEOPLE THINK THIS IS ALL B.S AND STOP AT PART 1 OR 2!

I know real people will want to see all parts, but I can not get for the life of me why these youtube drama lovers and shills on here wont except the facts right there in front of them.

Never ending battle it seems and its best not to waste TO much time on them, however giving them a shot here or there cant hurt.

After you watch this series, make DVD's of it and get on the street and pass them out, bittorrent these videos do everything you can to get this info out there. You will NOT see another series like this again on youtube with this much information.
On that note, youtube has been taking these videos down all the more reason to upload them and spread them as fast as you can.

Gorden Brown said yesterday at G20 "Welcome to the New world Order" so its on! That clip is in there too for anyone asking.

Please sub and spread these videos as much as you can, its all that I ask until we get the main site up by the end of this week or early next week. Then I will ask you to get all important videos on to the new site and to start moving people over to it.

We needed unity, we need strength and we need heroes! Fly by the haters,shills and road blocks on to the ugly truth. Our world is in peril! The world need strong leaders that wont sell out!

THIS IS YOU!- earthlasthope(matt)

A great series made my earthlasthope(youtube.com/user/earthlasthope) to show the truth behind FEMA camps, FEMA has been building concentration like camps all around the u.s., order millions of coffins, and has GIANT trains sitting out side of cities. This is stone hard truth behind them, watch the full series and open your mind.

William cooper's remastered speech Play

William coopers first speech, if i am correct, that shows the world of what he has uncovered. William cooper was an ex-naval intellegence officer, writer, and radio show host. Most of what he has said has come true or proven true. He would only share things on his radio show that he has found true, so if he said it on his radio show you could almost be sure that it is legit. He was shot dead by eager county police department only a few months after predicting the events of 9/11, he was already looking into the flaws in the story and was going to write a book about his time in vietnam. RIP william cooper, a true hero.
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