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Nightshade Nano Smart Dust? Acid Deposition? GENETIC DATA? AmbiScript? Wirelss comunication data?

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2AM Blackish bubble matter found in cold air separated from gaseous elements floating right under homes outside lightening SMART DUST? Slowed down a portion of video so u can see the texture as well as the defining features in the gaseous elements. If they can put the whole alphabet on a photon atom, then they can do the same to other matter
The fact that an angle can take many different values means that each particle of light, a photon, can be encoded to carry the whole alphabet, potentially increasing the data rate of quantum cryptography - the only guaranteed form of secure communication.
Scientists provide a new angle on quantum cryptography
http://www.physorg.com/news....... (2010)
http://www.physorg.com/news... (2004)
Ions can hold information for a long time, acting as storage, which is necessary to retrieve data from a quantum computer. Photons, on the other hand, travel extremely fast, and it is therefore very difficult to store a photon's data. So, the photons represent the communication channel, and the ions represent the memory.
"We combined the two particles and we used the best that each had to offer," said Moehring.
Applied Physics and Physics at Yale, used artificial "atoms"-actually made up of a billion aluminum atoms that behave as a single entity-as their qubits.

These "atoms" can occupy two different energy states, akin to the "1" and "0" or "on" and "off" states of regular bits used in conventional computers. The strange laws of quantum mechanics, however, allow for qubits to be placed in a "superposition" of these two states at the same time, resulting in far greater information storage and processing power.

With the particular entangled state the team achieved, they also demonstrated for the first time the encoding of quantum information from a single qubit into three qubits using a so-called repetition code.


नई विश्व व्यवस्था NWO's Smart Dust??
Seems our government is aware nanoparticles are being
released in the air as well. See Nat Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and that the NANOPARTICLES UNDERGO CHEMICAL AND PHYSICAL CHANGES LEADING TO THE FORMATION OF ACIDIC GASES. These chemical change FORMATIONS LEAD TO OXIDANTS AND
SECONDARY AEROSOL SPECIES. (species? being unspecific is how they keep hiding their technologyies) Once released into the atmosphere, pollutant gases and aerosols..NANOPARTICLES.. are mixed into and transported throughout the atmosphere without regard to geopolitical frontiers, until they are removed by
physical and chemical processes. In many cases, the pollutants can undergo chemical and physical transformations that are driven by sunlight leading to the formation of oxidants and secondary aerosol species, including acidic gases and aerosols.
Also SEE International Patent # WO/2008/076414
In patent they describe self replicating ability that they duplicated of forming a full P and an empty P shape and rectangle shapes
Sort of like 0 and 1's in some capacity when it comes down to it of possibly a computer digital code perhaps

See International Patent # WO/2008/076414
SELF-REPLICATING MATERIALS http://www.wipo.int/pctdb/e...
See BAA 09-40 Deep Learning Industrial Day Briefing PDF pg3 simple representations unlabled data hidden within layers of text imagery.

Since the early days of DNA analysis, researchers have pursued graphic solutions to support the visual analysis of genetic data
AmbiScript: A functional notation to support the manipulation and analysis of genetic data
FIGURE 1: AmbiScript is a functional nucleic acid notation, which permits complentation of genetic sequences by rotating the text 180°.
The symbols have been designed to underscore key biochemical properties
Mnemonics. AmbiScript symbols use prominent typographic features to highlight key biochemical aspects of the nucleic acids they represent.

FIGURE 1: . Ascenders and descenders enhance character differentiation in two versions of the AmbiScript notation.

Regulation of Geoengineering - UK Collaboration with US
Fifth Report of Session 2009-10
Ordered by the House of Commons
to be printed 10 March 2010


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