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Darren Woolley

Observations on Content Marketing and the Industry

43 views 1 month ago
Todd Wheatland, Head of Strategy, King Content
Ed Pank, Managing Director, WARC Asia Pacific
Darren Woolley, Managing Director, TrinityP3
Luana Zugman, Senior Manager, Strategic Marketing -- Legal, Tax & Accounting, Thomson Reuters
Skye Murray, Marketing Manager, Robert Half Recruitment

Audience member: David Pembroke from Content Group and a question Darren to you. As a Marketing Management Consultant here in Australia and also into Asia, can you offer some observations as to the maturity of the industry of content marketing as it relates to all of the various areas of the advertising industry?

Darren: Look content marketing for a lot of marketers, B2C marketers, is still a real challenge because they're really not sure what the positioning is. I think B2B it's easier to understand the sort of transaction that happens, the sharing of knowledge and the engagement with that. But I think a lot of brand marketers that are doing in that, that work in that B2C still don't understand the role that content plays, or if they do, they're inclined to not have the long term commitment. And I think that's because FMCG Consumer Goods was traditionally always about campaign. Campaign. Campaign. As far as other disciplines, the big problem is that the whole understanding of the category is being impacted by a lot of those specialist areas down the bottom there are all quickly jumping on the band wagon, as I said before, they all understand content. We have PR agencies saying they do content. We have digital agencies saying that they do content. They can all have a role to play, but many of them don't actually get content. And that then just confuses marketers because they'll engage with these people, they'll get advice, they'll get conflicting advice and I think it gets more traction because often the marketer hasn't got a very clear strategy, very clear objectives and an implementation plan, so they're actually listening to all the sales people and getting more and more confused by it. As far as Australia versus New Zealand versus South East Asia or Asia, a content works in every market. You just have to be aware of creating content specifically to that audience. You know, one of the reasons we immediately when we for Asia created a Chinese version of our website. You know, you need to be able to communicate with people in their own language. Great quote, you know, talk to someone and it goes to their head, talk to them in their language, it goes to their heart. And I think that's a great way to think about it.

Audience member: I'll add as I walk, I'll add to that as well and just say, I think marketers are still stuck in the rich and circulation mindset, so it's very much, cirque for magazine was 50,000 so I put some content out there and it gets to my million fans. It actually only gets to 10,000 fans, whatever. The engagement and the sharing metric, which is what Evan's been talking about, that's the hard part. How do you build an engagement metric and a rationale to measure that back to sales, I think that's the thing we've all been grappling with over the last 3, 4, 5 years to build an engagement index and map that back to a sales type index so coming from two totally different sides of the coin, I think that's been the confusion for marketers. Sorry, my time's up. Show less
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