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Kalio&Arthas - Until it's over

504 views 1 month ago
Cast: Miguel "Kalio" Bañón & Jordi "arthAs" Prats

Author: Jimmy "Mehailz" Karlsson
Container: mp4 (x264)
Size: 748mb (18mbit Encode)
Resolution: 1280x720
Fps: 600.frags/800.smooths/29,97.so­urce
Music: Submatik - Stories Can Wait
Information: Kalio & arthAs came to me, asking for help with a movie. Since i've played some with them and since they are friends with shaggy, i though't i'd do them a solid and give them a last fragmovie. They wanted it clean, not much flashy effects and such, with focus on frags. Wich is basically what i do since i have a shitty computer and a lazy mind. So i agreed and 2-3 weeks later, this is the finished project. Smooths could've been better and effects, well, it could've been more of 'em. But i did as good as i though my lazy ass could do, with only sony vegas for help. Hope you enjoy the frags, because thats what it's all about. Credits go out to shaggy & secretly black for helping out with the smooths.
Stream: http://youtu.be/g7aqaet_AMQ
Download: Can be found in the information description on the youtube link above. Show less
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