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David Kraus


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From the solo guitar CD "Between Silence: poems for solo guitar" composed and performed by David Kraus.

Historical memory we all know can oft times be a bit hazy. This is one account of this musical form: Originally a Spanish dance form brought to what became Brazil by Portuguese colonists. Through intimate contact with African and Indigenous cultures it culminated into the form and rhythmic feel of what you hear in this piece. You can feel the subtle inflections of string attack with volume and anticipation on particular tones which are improvised at will, but give the music its propelling rhythm. The new zarabanda style eventually led to the music most associated with the culture of Brazil today, choro and samba with their exciting rhythms. [Another account has the Zarabanda being the Indigenous peoples dance which the colonizers were exposed to when they came ashore. But the same Indigenous, African, and European influences came to bear and either way it was changed forever and was brought back to Spain in it's present form] Show less
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Original compositions composed and performed by guitarist David Kraus from the CD "Between Silence: poems for solo guitar."

I've been exploring the mysteries of music since the age of eight, yet the sense of enchantment I felt in its magic was instilled well before I picked up my first instrument. Even as my innocent attempts to create something close to a pleasing sound showed me I had much to learn, it was still music to my ears, and a universe of infinite time and space opened inside of me.

As an avid student of all things musical, I've merged my background in jazz and classical music with a fascination for the sounds of non-Western cultures. I compose and arrange for jazz ensembles, my world fusion ensemble, the classical and jazz guitar, and for film.

I always strive to create what feels right and honest to me, having learned through experience that it is counterproductive to work toward everyone liking you. You have to present who you are with grace, sincerity, and open feeling. Because at the end when the music is shared, it will be the immediacy of this feeling that the listener will experience.

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