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Dj shadowxxx


19 views 5 months ago
Ok guys's im back and I just wanted to say thanks guy's for 2013 can't wait to kill 2014
any here are all the links for everyones pages
Edc happens to not have a page at the time
old servers are offline now
to pay your dues to mau5ville go to :mau5ville.info
They also have a fb page: Mau5ville
might do a q&a sess on day idk maybe at like 200 likes
anyway music by Sweet Valley ( sweetvalley.com )
Editing by me
Cool vj clips by beeple´╗┐
Minecraft is what I have been doing most of my days plus some music related things
Capricious films I don't have a thing for them atm
I love you guys...see ya latter
also I got some new dj equipment so get ready for a new era of mixing!
new song upload coming soon Show less
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