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Danny Fontaine

SXSW 2006 "Cowboys & Conventions" Play

Taken from the film "Cowboys And Conventions" by Danny Fontaine. Contact: info@dannyfontaine.co.uk

The South by Southwest music conference is the biggest of it's kind. In 2006 over 1400 bands played in Austin, Texas.

After three months of researching and interviewing English bands that would be playing at the conference, Danny Fontaine journeyed 6000 miles to Austin with a strong preconception of what to expect, and a formal idea of what to record.

He was proved wrong. Very wrong.

The five days that followed show Fontaine meeting musicians, roadies, transvestites and general members of the public; and document the chaos that ensued.

This is a real account of an English music-lovers attempt to document the world's biggest (and possibly most surreal) music conference.

Although submitted to the SXSW 2007 Film Conference, 'Cowboys And Conventions' was declined due to it's partly 'anti-South By Southwest content.

The filmmaker states that he made the film with an objective outlook that shows the conference in both good and bad lights.

Danny Fontaine is a music photographer, filmmaker and musician, currently living and working in London.
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