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Daniel Bond

Grooving with the Glynn Johns Technique x Shure Beta Microphones

535 views 11 months ago
Just having a little whirl with the Glynn Johns Technique using my new Shure BETA series mics:

Kick - Shure BETA52a
Snare - Shure BETA57a
Overhead (top) - Shure BETA27
Overhead (side) - Shure BETA27

I have mixed the drums a little, just to see what kind of sound is achievable.. May do a test video sometime!

These are a great set of mics, very versatile! Because the BETA27s are supercardioid, they work well in smaller rooms because they're more directional.

There's plenty about the Glynn Johns Technique on Google, it's definitely worth looking at if you have less mics.. It's also been proven to get a natural spread of a drum kit!

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