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Setup a free and easy 'Sleep' Timer in Windows 7

61,621 views 2 years ago
A quick note on my use of the term 'Sleep':

In short, some viewers object to my use of "Sleep" in the title, in that this technique does NOT specifically send a computer to the ACPI S3 state - instead it uses shutdown.exe, to, well... shutdown the computer. The options provided by using shutdown.exe do not include putting to Sleep; Windows handles that option by a completely different .dll file.
"Sleep Timer" is used here in the sense of an old '90's TV, where you'd set it to go to sleep as both you, and some late-night TV ended the day. It would completely "shutdown".

On with some troubleshooting and stuff...

Due to subtle variations between Windows versions, here's some common solutions to check if the video doesn't quite work for you. In order of which they might occur...

1- System32 or sysWOW64 -Instead of the 'C:\Windows\System32\' folder, try looking for versions of "shutdown.exe" found in other Windows folders such as 'C:\Windows\sysWOW64\'. Pretty sure this is a 32bit/64bit distinction, but can't remember which I made this vid in.

2- YT user downthegardenpath noticed that the 'Pro' version of Win7-64bit only accepted using slashes " / " instead of dashes " - " for the command switches. eg. instead of '-s -t 3600' try '/s /t 3600'

Those appear to be the top two issue-resolvers.

Thanks to everyone who's watched!

Please ask any questions in comments and I'll try and resolve if possible.


The unit used for the '-t' switch is seconds, so
one hour = 60 x 60 seconds = 3600,
half hour = 30 x 60 seconds = 1800,
ten mins = 600 etc.

Remember to save your stuff before setting the timer, because, as mentioned, this will SHUTDOWN your PC!

If you're certain you need to use a 'suspend' state that shutdown.exe does not provide by default, you can try using the 'shutdown.exe' provided in

'pstools' available at
http://technet.microsoft.co... Show less
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