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Mirror - Taking you closer. #MadeUThink

122,177 views 4 months ago
The Mirror's latest video is an illusion of two iconic images combined. We have taken Marilyn Monroe and Albert Einstein to create a hybrid image, that from a distance appears to be Monroe but as you get CLOSER it transforms into Einstein.

Although it LOOKS like it could be some sort of digital trickery it is in fact just a video camera moving closer to this hybrid picture.

Like it? Check out another Mirror illusion featuring one cute puppy:http://www.youtube.com/watc...

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3am's Just Sayin' Play

Welcome to Just Sayin' - Forget reading -- who needs to 'do words' when you can digest all things celebrity in under two minutes?

All you have to do is hit play and sit there with your mouth open (jaw status is optional), while our token blonde brings you the latest stories, the funniest celebrity clips and all the showbiz snaps.

Feel free to rip it apart via the comments box below or Facebook.com/3am and Twitter @3am. We've learned from One Direction fans to take criticism very well, see.
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