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Connecticut Real Estate Investors Association

CT REIA | Expert Real Estate Investment Training In Connecticut

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http://www.ctreia.com - The CT REIA is the largest real estate investors & apartment owners association in the Northeast. Its mission is to provide educational, networking, and business-to-business opportunities for entrepreneurs in the real estate investment community.

In this video:

Here is what some of our veterans have to say.

"Well CT REIA is actually the biggest meeting of like-minded people involving real estate that I've ever seen."

"It's important for people to be members of CT REIA because you need support. Especially if you're new to this industry, you need the education, you need the guidance..."

"They need the re-enforcement. They need to camaraderie. They need the networking. They need the further education. They need to know what's working in todays market."

"There are so many things that you can get involved with: the mastermind groups, the coaching programs. I wouldn't even be able to name them all."

"A lot of people that are members of CT REIA are not necessarily full-time investors. So its crucial that they're around like-minded people because they probably spend most of their day with people that don't think like they do."

Here is how they use CT REIA's services.

"CT REIA provides a great resource for learning about all kinds of different real estate."

"Its helped immensely. I'm doing things that I can't believe I'm doing, including 6 million dollar deals. So its huge."

"CT REIA is great in that every month you have someone come in and speak on a different aspect of real estate."

"If you want hand-holding, they will hold your hand. If you want them to go see your house, they'll do that. If you want them to arrange a banker to interview with or talk to, they'll do that."

"How they are with the members and the type of material and things they provide..."

"...the networking, and just being able to meet different people and being able to learn about different opportunities..."

"...great connections."

Here is what women say about women in real estate.

"The bridge has been crossed. Women are way more accepted in real estate now than they ever have been."

"It was challenging in the beginning with my spouse because he was not so convinced that this was the industry to get involved in."

"I think women are involved in CT REIA because it offers everything that they need. Which goes back to networking, education, seeing other like-minded women."

"Once I get in there and I start asking the questions and probing, the respect is earned because the knowledge is there."

"Its something that anybody can do. Its not just a man's world."

And here are some final thoughts.

"You should join because everybody needs an organization like a CT REIA."

"Knowledge is power and education is key. And that's what you get with CT REIA."

"Everything you need to know about real estate investing is available at CT REIA." Show less
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