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"THEY LIVE, in the Skies"!


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An Earth like planet, "as you may never, have seen it before"....

(Images courtesy of Google Earth)


The playlist 'seeing into the near infrared', is key, to the reason "WHY, we can't always see them." (Plus they usually fly very, Very Fast!!)

Instructions for using this channel, are on the About page.

What I have done is use a popular video sharing site (10,000+ uploads a month), as a type of cybernetic ecosystem.

I then would take field samples of current phenomena (likes/favorites), & place them in categories in playlists. Only fulfilling strict criteria of the photo/video also being both in full color & in high definition.

It is based on 2 prophecies. One by the Hopi Indians, & another by an early American mystic by the name of Edgar Cayce. It's all been proven to be true, & a precursor to the current new (photonic) age.

And as rumor has it, "what the legendary Atlantis, was never allowed to experience".

Something that may have never been done before, as far as revealing spirit phenomena goes, in the history of mankind....


P.S. On the video page, look to the right & click on
'most popular', for some of the best videos available.

(Also, a little more @; http://spacesecrets-crlwlln...)

D I S C L A I M E R !!

Recently a new kind of video, has been introduced on this channel. They are made using the R.I.T. (Reverse-Inverse Technique) It's a little known method of imagery procurement for smartphones, built after 2009.

They can be found on the uploads page & can only be accessed via a smartphone set on the color inversion app. This is for vision impairedness & was introduced to the smartphone market in 2009. (I discovered it in a comment about a year ago detailing the procedure, in an article in Before It's News.)

This channel features many different camera techniques. Some known, some unknown. This is only one of them. But it is as far as I would go, as it's legal. It's legal, as all the components to do it are PUBLIC DOMAIN.

The images can be found (via the coordinates) on Google Earth 6 & 7. The technology to process them are found in Picasa3. And the technologies to re-invert them to the original are found in many smartphones since 2009.

Does yours, have one?

The main reason for its availability is for clearer imagery. The technique will render the image into one of enhanced definition & fuller color/earth tones. "You can get a similar image on your P.C. by opening up the magnifier app (in Windows) in accessories & turning on the color inverter located inside".

Use this & you will find the same image, that shows on Google Earth 7, via the coordinates. It's just another known/unknown camera technique to procure clearer imagery legally, & ethically.... Of imagery that is already available in public domain for years now.

When viewing with a smartphone camera (with negative color app activated), pan from either the left, right, or from the top down, for a 3D effect, "that becomes only more enhanced, when the magnification is turned up"! Makes excellent video clips, depending on the quality of your device.

But, when/if you proceed with reviewing these videos, "you are on your own". What you see, is what you get! Please make a few videos & post them on YouTube, as different smartphones, give different results. An lg804 has a 3 megapixel camera. Yet, gives stunning results, & all with just 3 megs! Can yours, make better videos? Please share.

So, proceed at your own risk, if, your camera has 5 - 8 megs. With the image compression & auto focusing, you should get stunning results every time. Figure out how the videos are made, & the secret is yours. (But don't ask/complain to upper management, as "they have probably never heard of it".)

Apart from regular 2 dimensional images, these were not taken through a lens, but with a process called Synthetic Aperture Radar. So you can magnify the image, up to 500%, & see every nook & cranny, 'with only your smartphone in hand'. Please feel free, to download these videos of this current installment, for your personal collection...:-)

(All of the 720 - 1080p video stills in this current installment were made from downloads at 3 - 4 a.m. in "the city that never sleeps", Tampa, Fla) Peace Show less
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Seeing into the Near Infrared, made E-Z. Play

Here is an E-Z technique any one can do. Ever try to explain to some one about a light orb disappearing and where do they go afterwards? (You can tell 'they are no different than the rest of us', if, they can not see the white light without the aid of the cell phone camera.)

Normally only animals and clairvoyants can see it.The object, usually moves beyond our sight, and back into the infrared spectrum. They are still here, but they are out of our perception/wavelength of sight.

It is similar by using your cell phone camera, to SEE the infrared light on an infrared remote control.Something you might want to show people, when ever you are trying to tell them and they are looking at you like you are Crazy...
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