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Cremaster Records

Repajaro 'I Hate Tax' (Original Mix) Official Music Video

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The last sunshine of Spain released under Cremaster Records, "I Hate Tax" by Repajaro & supported by Senmove, Jesús Vögel, Norwood & Hills and Axteroid.

Just later the end of the year, the spanish music producer Repajaro brings us the last sunshine from the south of Spain. But whether you're in Andalucia or Berlin, the remixes of Senmove, Jesús Vögel, Norwood & Hills and Axteroid of 'I Hate Tax' have melodies and grooves so infectious you'll be dancing in your warm boots or your beach (winter) shorts.

Repajaro is a spanish young music producer that began in the music world at the age of 16 years producing electronic music. But not until 2008 when it goes on sale his first job with "The started". Repajaro focuses on different styles like techno, minimal, tech house tech or even deep house. He has worked with various labels also belongs to the team of Mona Records (Spain) Definitely a rising star with new ideas and fresh always ready to delight the most select ears.

Cat: CMSTR-07
Info: cremasterrecords.bandcamp.com

Pre-Order Beatport Exclusivity: 08.02.2014
Digital Edition Shops Available: 22.02.2014

Beatport: http://btprt.dj/1bVSIGM
Spotify: http://spoti.fi/1f7ZXWM

Mastering by Südblock Studios

Artwork by Jesús Vögel

Video edit of Samsara, Ron Fricke.

Released by Cremaster Records

Berlin, 2014 Show less
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[CRMSTR-05] Play

Tracks taken from: Senmove "Procrastinate" LP

Listen the whole LP in: http://cremasterrecords.bandcamp.com

Catalogue: [CRMSTR-05]
Release Out: June 2013

All tracks are composed & produced by Senmove

Artwork by Cremaster Records

Mastered by Südblock Studios


[CRMSTR-04] Play

Tracks taken from "Artists talk about Social Revolution"

Listen the whole album in: http://cremasterrecords.bandcamp.com


01- Die! Goldstein - Look Up Hannah
02- jaume. tv - Avepapa
03- Jesús Vögel - Eins, Zwei, Fuck Polizei
04- Kunkuni Mix Project - Busco Trabajo Urgente
05- Leit - Fenecida
06- Nev.Era - Somostodos
07- Plan Quinquenal - Hail to the bankers
08- Ragul - Descontent social
09- Replicante Norman - Sistemas de control
10- San Taub - Single Audiovisual
11- Scud Hero - Spanish Revolution
12- Senmove - Daddy 15M
13- Side Effects - Antisistema, Si
14- Traxx van Traxx - Nina Meets Trash
15- You Kill Me - Save Yourself

Catalogue: [CRMSTR-04]
Release Out: July 2012

Produced & edited by Cremaster Records
Artwork by Cremaster Studios

About this release:

Cremaster Records doesn't make apology of violence or war, just the opposite, we believe that the way of peace and harmony among people is the real way to overcome conflicts. Self-knowledge (also called in philosophy self-discovery) leads to the future spiritual awakening of human being, harmony of the World and of all living beings in it.

Know yourself and know your enemy, the real revolution grows within you and it is able to destroy any wall of the oligarchs, tyrants and dictators who want a new world order away from humanism and love of and for the life.
Doubt will set you free.

Thanks to all the artists for the collaboration & support.

License Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 by Creative Commons


[CRMSTR-03] Play

Tracks taken from "Recopilatorio de Nuevas Tendencias Audiovisuales"

Listen the Whole album in: http://cremasterrecords.bandcamp.com

Recopilatorio editado y producido por Cremaster Records

Diseño & Artwork portadas: Omar Alonso

Catalogue: [CRMSTR-03]
Release Out: May 2010

License Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 by Creative Commons

Agradecimientos: a tod@s los artistas participantes en esta compilación, a los net-label´s, sellos, plataformas, colectivos, colaboradores y amig@s que han puesto su grano de arena, sin su colaboración y apoyo este trabajo no habria salido para adelante.


[CRMSTR-02] Play

Tracks taken from "Avantgarde Masterpieces"

-Essential compilation to understand the International Underground Culture-

Listen the whole album in: http://cremasterrecords.bandcamp.com

Additional exclusive video art´s piece :

Errorvision & Lazharus "El Angel Exterminador 2.0" (short film, 17:54)

Audiovisual piece created from found footage of Brook Hinton experimental series based on the systematic reconstruction of scenes and manipulation using stop motion at the same time (with some sequences of the same) frame and incorporating source material re-processing.

Link video HD: https://vimeo.com/34411219

Compilation edited by Cremaster Records & Liebe Records & Productions

Catalogue: [CRMSTR-02]
Release Out: Ja. 2011

Covers & artwork: Jesús Vögel

License Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 by Creative Commons


[CRMSTR​-​01] Play

Tracks taken from: Jesús Vögel "Beautiful Trash Generator" LP

Listen whole LP in: http://cremasterrecords.bandcamp.com

Track list:

01- Obertura Panorama (The Death of Lovers)
02- Holy Ghost
03- Bajo tiranía de dictadura democrática
04- Bajo tiranía de dictadura democrática (Logical Disorder remix)
05- Beware the Friendly Shadow
06- Love Without Sound (White Noise cover)
07- Somos levedad
08- Melodic Melodramatic Dogma before the Apocalypse
09- We believe In Nothing
10- I´m the One without Money on my Mind (The XX cover & JJ vocals)

Catalogue: [CRMSTR-01]
Release Date: Oct. 2009
LP released by Cremaster Records

License Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 by Creative Commons

Special Thanks to Javier Barrero (L.D.) y Thr3hold



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