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CrazyBadPuzzles BOOK!?!? *comments enabled*

20,218 views 2 weeks ago
Please guys, let's just all respect each other in the comment section. If you have constructive criticism to say, please be constructive about it, and not just insulting or being negative about what you don't like. That is not constructive criticism. Constructive criticism is giving another way to do something, in a helpful manner. More often than not, people are very rude to each other and then say they are giving "constructive criticism", when in reality they are just being an ass.

If you see people in the comment sections of my videos being mean, calling names, insulting people etc etc. Just mark those comments as SPAM, and be on your way. Even if you get even with one keyboard warrior, there's another one 2 minutes away, so just don't bother with them ok? =)

Please replace your hknowstore bookmark with this bookmark. It's the exact same thing accept using this bookmark helps me earn commission for all the work I do with the company when you buy a puzzle. It doesn't cost you anything and helps support me =) Thanks!
New Link - http://bit.ly/10iwPL2 Show less
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