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Crazy Al Cayne's Parodies & Comedy Songs Play

Check out all of Crazy Al Cayne's parodies and original comedy songs right here! Crazy Al Cayne has been doing HipHop and R&Bparodies for years, he made 4 parody mixtapes called "The Greatest Skits" and he'll be making videos to alot of his earlier works. Stay Tuned!

Videos Al Directed/Ruff Kut Videoz Play

A collection of the non Parody videos that Crazy Al Cayne has directed in his spare time.

NEW FOR 2010 Crazy Al Cayne presents a new segment for CAC-TV called "Ruff Kut Videoz". Ruff Kut Videoz are really basic raw videos edited and directed by Crazy Al Cayne. Stay Tune for more and tell us what you think!

HipHop Trivia Play

On CrazyAlCayneTV(CAC-TV) Crazy Al ask people random HipHop and R&B trivia of the top of his head in this funny series. You'd be amazed at how many so called rappers don't know the definition of MC or DJ. You can even play along and test your HipHop trivia skills!

Spittin In Da Wip Play

This is a new segment from Crazy Al Cayne TV(CAC-TV) that features artist kicking their rhymes/song/freestyles over Crazy Als beats in the back of the car.
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