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Welcome to CraigTube

49,982 views 3 years ago
My channel is mainly about home brewing beer and wine, but I try to keep it fun and do a variety of things here. I play drums, sing, play guitar and cook. If you like any of these topics, I invite you to hang around for a while and give this channel a whirl. You can always unsub later if you're not happy. Welcome, and CHEERS! Show less
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Easy Home Brewing - Beer Play

A multi part series showing how easy it is to make your own beer at home. Features detailed instructions for "Extract", "Partial Extract" brewing and Kegging. It's a getting started guide for those who want to brew, but don't know how to get started.

Easy Home Brewing - Wine Play

A series on making quality wine right in your home.

Me Singing Play

Here are some videos of me singing.

The Drums Play

These are my drumming videos.
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