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Remember produced by Allrounda Productions

73 views 2 months ago
Beat : https://www.youtube.com/wat...

lyrics :

I told you something
you didnt listen
this is what i get
but i dont deserve this
as my memory serves
i do remember
i chose not to
i prefer to keep you behind
cuz your an son of a bitch
complaining about your days
complaining about your ways
ask for my advice i got nothing to say
idc about your days
you never kept your promise
something that i told you
but im done
i wont keep you posted
mad at the world
idc if you give up
cuz you dont deserve me
i dont deserve you
i dont know what to call you no more
u broke me
shock me
i dont want you in my life
i prefer to forget about you
i got things to tell you
but u chose not to listen'
and prefer to ignore
im done settling the score
u belong with her
im sick of your complaints
i cant and wont help you


you cant even help yourself
this goes to you
your pathetic
ur miserable
your not even my friend no more
i just dont know
what to call you
get out
i dont need you
dont love you
this is the part
where i leave u out of my heart
i dont want it to start
everything with you is so hard
stop complaining and get far
you wont reach ur star
this is me telling you goodbye
i dont need you
get out
im walking away from this
this is why im so piss
i dont want to remenber
i dont want you
never again keep you posted
im keeping you out of my door
get out
throwing away my memories of u in the shore
cuz this is not the life i want
im sick of ur pity
cuz ur always acting so shitty
acting like a fucking lady
when ur guy man up


stop whining
sick of your attitude
that wont get u nowhere
yea sure ur going somewhere
that is call hell
cuz u fell
im not picking you up
im not sticking up for you
u ran out of luck
ur miserable life ur stuck
ur on my bad side now
get out
just seriously need to stop
(freestyle verse )

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