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ConnectWise Business Management Platform

853 views 5 months ago
Made for companies that sell, service, and support technology, ConnectWise is the #1 business management platform worldwide. Today, more than 80,000 users rely on ConnectWise to achieve greater accountability, operational efficiency, and profitability. The platform fully integrates business-process automation, help desk and customer service, sales, marketing, project management, and business analytics that dramatically streamline a company's operations. ConnectWise also gives its users access to a powerful network of ideas, experts, and solutions. A veteran in the technology services industry, ConnectWise has been the premier business management platform for technology companies for more than 15 years. For more information, visit www.ConnectWise.com [http://www.ConnectWise.com/] or call 800-671-6898. Show less
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The Ultimate Guide to As-A-Service Play

Our 7-Part Youtube Series to accompany "The Ultimate Guide to As-A-Service eBook"

You've heard the murmurs in the technology space for years that the managed-service model is the way to build recurring profitability. Countless technology providers have made the transition from break/fix to managed services and realized the peace of mind the dependable, recurring revenue brings. Isn't it about time you made the switch, too?

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