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  • Seize the day, My friend

    One of the best dialogs of the movie ZNMD. Great work Farhan Akhtar!
    यही है ज़िन्दगी का सच जो बहुतों की समझ में नहीं आता.
  • The typical 'happy' man

    There's nothing called happiness for a man himself... They all are made to live for the happiness of their women!
  • Are Men Economic Slaves

    This is a video that shows how families and social constructs force men to lead tough lives and oppress them.
  • Use your time

    This video explains the importance of living in the present moment.
  • Community Center for Men - The Concept

    This video talks about how the concept of community centers for men has emerged, why is it required and the benefits it provides to abused, distressed and victimized men. Men's Rights Activist and ...
  • The minister can go one step forward and make husbands pay Rs.1500/- to wives every time they had sex with their wives. Soon men should break functions of marriage into 5 pieces and outsource because that will be cheaper. Men must also fire their wives, if she does not perform in yearly performance appraisals.

    Speak out India: Wives should be paid as homemakers, say netizens - NewsX

    Speak out India is a NewsX special show which focuses on the main NewsX event of the day. Housewives may soon start getting monthly salaries from their husbands with the government mulling a propos...
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