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The Passing #1

3,626 views 1 year ago

Away from the Flock Play

One of the major themes of this channel, for me at least, has been the way that ideas emerge and develop out of the interactions of multiple users, often with no direct connection. I think of this as a kind of collective intelligence, the wisdom of a crowd or the behaviour of a smart flock. In fact even the name of this channel, Conferencereport, originates in that idea.

Actions Play

Videos in which I attempt to continue conversations or express ideas using media other than the spoken word. Some of these contain nudity so viewer discretion is advised.

All Things Must Pass Play

Things enter, they hang around for a while, then they leave.

4' 33" Play

Occasionally I put the camera down and let it record a still image for a period of 4' 33".

To The Future Play

A short series of videos I made imagining what I would say if I could talk to my kids later in their lives, or to generations hence, or to aliens in the future.
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