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Brian Hazard

Color Theory - Headphones

1,052 views 1 month ago
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The opening track off the new Color Theory EP, Adjustments Pt. 2. Am I the only one who hides behind their headphones?

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Video by Matt Eriksson aka Stormby

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Headphones lyrics
© 2014 Brian Hazard (ASCAP)

We're private in public
As everyone stares down at their tech
It's hard not to notice
The neon cord dangling from my neck
But somehow this less than subtle clue
Appears to have no effect on you

Don't want to talk right now
Can't you see I've got my headphones on?
I'm pointing at my ear
What was that?
No I can't...
I'd rather not hear you
If I'm being honest
Don't want to talk right now
Can't you see I've got my headphones on?

I'm not antisocial
But usually I'd rather be alone
So if you're looking for conversation
Then maybe it's time to buy a phone
So what if the music isn't on?
I'm signalling you to move along

Like I said before I... Show less
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Adjustments Pt. 1 Play

I'm proud to present my first collection of original material in nearly two years. Adjustments Pt. 1 contains five new songs and five remixes of those songs.

Download at music.colortheory.com.

The Sound Play

The 8th full-length Color Theory album features nine originals and an a-ha classic.

Download at music.colortheory.com.

Color Theory presents Depeche Mode Play

A one-man tribute to Depeche Mode, complete with two new instrumental interludes. The album reinvents eleven of their most underappreciated songs, and also includes the track "Ponytail Girl", the Color Theory original that was mistakenly credited as a Depeche Mode track from their Exciter album.

Download at music.colortheory.com.
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