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[EYES, NOSE, LIPS COVER] 눈코입 커버 #태양 #TAEYANG @Realtaeyang feat. Steve Kim

11,368 views 2 weeks ago
thank you for opening this contest #TAEYANG #태양 #RISE !
original rap lyrics 자작랩 가사)
내삶에 창문이 되어줬던 두눈
깨졋어. 더이상 보이지가 않아
날카로운 우뜩선 니 코는
내 심장만 찌르고만있자나
그입술이 내품으로 돌아오길 바래
huh 난 아직 이런 얘기를 하고있네
뻔히 알면서도, 내일이
오늘도 꿈을 맞이하고있네...

this is madness, a tragedy - you're not my life's remedy
we're suffering indefinitely, but I can't stop imagining
your eyes, your nose, and your lips at night
but you have me feeling like that it's completely right

but you and I both know, we're truly blinded
but what is lust and love? maybe we just don't give a shit about it
I tried, but you are my illegal drug
and I know I can't get myself to give you up

please, don't wait for me to take action
because confused hearts like mine would have the worst reaction
So put this monster down, I'm faded
i belong behind iron bars, isolated...

cause alone I'd rather cry, alone I'd rather die
then inflicting this pain that I just can't deny
it's time to say goodbye, it's time to let you fly
so fly (time heals, even though wings might break)

*thank you to allkpop and kayoforum for the support and sharing!
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