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Kingdom Of Noise VHS Play

Kingdom Of Noise is a video collection collecting the works of many of japans top noise artists in 1993. This video was Released on Endorphine Factory, and produced by Mayuko Hino of C.C.C.C..

Legendary Pink Dots: Live @ Culture Room 2/8/04 Play

Filmed at the culture room in Ft. Lauderdale during the 2004 tour.

As promised when i posted the Isis Veiled clip last year, here's the full concert. Nothing was edited out, what you see is what i shot. I brought my gf to the show with me that night and she'd had one too many drinks. So just as the band was getting on stage she decided that she wanted to go sleep off he drunkness in the car. I drag her out to the car and lock her in, running back in to record the rest of the show.
All in all it turned out pretty good, the club has a 2nd floor loft area with a bar so i positioned myself at the top of the stairs for a good view. great view of 3/4 of the band unfortunately silverman isn't in frame for alot of the show. The back of the club is covered in mirrors and at one point later in the show i turn the camera around and you can see silverman's reflection.

The show is split into roughly 8x10minute parts as editing at the song breaks was too time consuming and some songs exceed youtube's 10min file length rule. at the very end of segment 8 there's still shots of the band doing their noise set. my battery was dying and i only had enough power left to take some stills with audio.
Total Running Time:77mins.

hope you all enjoy, i've been meaning to share this for the past 2 years.
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