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【cola】Good Little Girl (Adventure Time) 【oneshot cover】THANKS FOR 180+ SUBS!!!

551 views 1 year ago
yeah i wasn't going to upload this, lol. it was originally just a oneshot cus i was bored but welp. now it's uploaded.

and i was feeling a lil bad cus i don't upload things. so HERE YOU GO /O/ A LONG OVERDUE THANK YOU FOR SUBS VIDEO~*~* /shot
i'm sorry this is like nowhere near thank you video-material orz

the font in the vid is the font ankofails (even though she doesn't) ;D it's anko's handwriting font. anko/ankoku. /shinjurose/暗黒. ye those are her names. /kawaiichama. ok now those are most of her names.
p.s. i tried to draw but don't look at it. idk how to draw, art, or color. that is all

Thank you to yt user pancakefiesta for the instrumental: http://www.youtube.com/watc...


Song: Good Little Girl/Bad Little Boy
Lyrics: Rebecca Sugar
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