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  • George of the Jungle Play

    The hero of the jungle...George lives in -- and protects -- the jungle of Mbebwe, a wild playland loaded with exotic animals and villains that are always more funny than scary. George is strong, swift, and he can't even spell the word fear. George lives happily with his jungle family, comprised of his best friend, an ape named Ape, Ursula (an overly-idealistic environmentalist), jungle local and fashion-obsessed Magnolia, his faithful doggy Shep (actually an elephant), and longtime birdie pal Tookie Tookie Bird. Each story is an adventure where, despite his naïve nature and chronic klutziness, George comes out on top. Even when he goes left, George always does right.
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  • Created for a global audience of 3 to 6 year olds, Tinga Tinga Tales is a land full of big stories and big surprises! Inspired by traditional African Folktales and the art of Tanzania, Tinga Tinga Tales opens up a fantastical world of colour, characters and transformation. You may think you know the reason why Elephant has a long trunk, or why Tortoise has a broken shell, but actually, the reason for each is a whole other story! Based upon animal creation stories from all over the African continent Tinga Tinga Tales brings to life tall tales of how of your favourite animals came to be the way they are today. Ever wonder why Elephant has a trunk, or why Tortoise has a broken shell, or why Flamingo stands on one leg, or why Lion roars? Tinga Tinga Tales will answer all your why's!
    • Why Squirrel Gathers nuts

      You see there was a time when Squirrel didn't gather nuts; she was far too busy braiding her bushy tail. Then one day there is very little food in Tinga Tinga and Lion summons all the animals to pu...
    • Why Warthog Is Ugly

      You see there was a time when Warthog was really rather handsome. And did he know it! He strutted around Tinga Tinga as if he owned the place. All the animals were fed up with Warthog’s boasting, a...
    • Why Woodpecker pecks

      You see there was a time when Woodpecker didn’t peck. All the birds had their very own sound, but Woodpecker didn’t make a sound at all. Then one very dark night in Tinga Tinga, the Moon and the St...
    • Why Crocodile has a bumpy back

      You see there was a time when Crocodile didn’t have a bumpy back. His skin was all smooth and he had to be very careful of the hot Tinga Tinga sun. One day whilst napping Crocodile gets very sunbur...
    • Why Peacock struts

      You see there was a time when Peacock didn’t strut. He was a very proud bird and he wanted to be the best at everything. He wanted to be the best bird-brain in Tinga Tinga. He wanted to be the best...
    • Why Hare hops

      You see there was a time when Hare didn’t hop. He was one of the speediest animals in Tinga Tinga but none of the other animals wanted to race with him because Hare always won and it was becoming b...
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  • The Owl, a ridiculous pink character who floats above his feet, must be the unluckiest chap in the world. The Owl just wants to be left alone! He wants to sit peacefully on his branch waiting for a nice crunchy caterpillar to pass his way and really do basically not a lot else -- HOWEVER! No such luck for The Owl who lives in a forest entirely surrounded by, well, general annoyances.... A cross between the Pink Panther (for his propensity for finding himself in surrealistic and absurd situations), the Coyote in The Road Runner Show (for his unrelenting and systematic rotten luck), and Mr. Potato Head (for his capacity to come apart), the Owl inevitably ends up in pieces, blown up, crushed, struck down, grated or even glazed.
    • The OWL - Puppets

      Puppets suddenly show up out of nowhere. What are puppets doing onthe Owl's branch?
    • The OWL - Ball Trap

      When you're an Owl on your branch, what do you think when suddenly rows of rubber birds appear that are getting shot at? That you're in the middle of a clay-pigeon shoot out game!
    • The OWL - The Woodpecker

      A woodpecker does what a woodpecker does best, peck away at trees. This is even more annoying when you're the Owl quietly sitting on a branch of the pecked tree.
    • The prop tree

      Worm hunting can be a perilous exercise. Pulling on what he thinks is a worm protruding from a branch, the Owl starts up a motorised propeller blade. It ain't easy for the Owl staying balanced on a...
    • The Dream

      What is this wonderful place where the Owl can float about - free from the chains of gravity - and stuff himself with all the big fat worms he desires? In his dream, only in his dream.
    • Bat owl

      On Halloween night, the Owl discovers a pumpkin on its branch. Everything would be ok if the pumpkin didn't come with complimentary bats.
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