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  • Paint it black

    it's on guitar hero three

    SAHEL 001

    This is a geography presentation on the sahel. it talks about what has happend and how his has affected the regions development.
  • how do you do the really close notes at the end? i always miis out half of them.

    Guitar Hero 3- Helicopter 100% Expert FC

    Helicopter by Bloc Party

    (This is the 2nd FC of this song ever?????) Star power was a tad off at the end, but whatever

    this is a little video about radio waves. i am sorry for any spelling mistakes, innacuracies in data and if the end part makes you feel ill.
  • But great Job on guitar hero I'm only on Medium Lou battle at the moment, but then i do have dyspaxia, which is basicly a lack of coordination, but it does make me double jointed.

    Guitar Hero 3 - Halo Theme Song (expert) 5 star

    i love halo and guitar hero! this is a combination of both!
  • that was expert dragonforce and have seen the vidieo where he gets 100%? It's amazing seen as though i can barly play medium (4/5 buttons)

    Guitar Hero World Record (CBS News)

    • by CBS
    • 6 years ago
    "CBS News RAW": Teenager Chris Chike is the number 1 ranked Guitar Hero III player in the world. Guinness World Records awarded him with a certificate in New York City. (CBSNews.com)
  • I know that Tyber Zann isn't a sith, but for the purposes of of the school project i was doing that was the only suitable monolog i could get.

    Star wars 7 trailer 2

    after some much needed editing here is my ultimate trailer for episode seven. Enjoy!
  • geography stuff

    a quick presentation for a class project

    this is what i think the star wars episode seven trailer would look like. its not finished yet have a look at the completed version on my channel.
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