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Chris Breault

Learn & Practice Conversational Portuguese

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If you studied but never practiced, in reality you do not know to communicate in Brazilian-Portuguese. Practice speaking Portuguese with Christina Chalréo Breault!

Christina Chalréo Breault is fluent in Portuguese. She was born and raised in Brazil and fluently speaks native Brazilian-Portuguese. Practice talking with her!

* Learn the slang and idiomatic expressions
* Understand and be understood
* Learn tricks of pronunciation

During the sessions there will be opportunities for grammar learning and tips on the Brazilian-Portuguese language, in addition to the speaking practice .

To schedule a time with Christina Chalréo Breault to learn and practice speaking everyday Brazilian-Portuguese, go to http://ccpublications.net/?...

Our sessions will take place via Google Hangout.

You also have the option to have our sessions via Google Helpout at the following link:

Read about Christina and her qualifications at http://christinabreault.net Show less
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