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How to Add a Password to your Wireless Router, and Auto. Connect to it. (Linksys)

434,158 views 5 years ago
To be able to connect to your router to change settings, you have to be connected to it via A CORD. I was able to connect to it via wireless because i enabled this option in the menu on a corded computer first.

To find your router's IP to get to the menu:
On Windows XP, go to Start, Run, type "cmd" and hit enter.
On Windows Vista/7 go to Start, and type "cmd" in the search bar and hit enter.
Type "IPCONFIG" and hit Enter.
Look at the third set of numbers (Default Gateway)
It should look something like or something similar.
Open up your Internet Browser
Type in the Gateway address in the Address Line and hit enter.
This should take you to the menu page of your router

To find your router's default password, go to this address:
http://www.routerpasswords.... Show less
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