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Yulin' with the Blog: 'Twas the Night Before Christmas - Canucks Hockey Blog

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Merry Christmas!

On a snowy holiday night, the Canucks Hockey Blog writers got too far into the egg nog and decided to rewrite a Christmas classic...

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the Rog'.
Or if you prefer, the barn once called Garage
Jerseys were hung, sticks put on the rack
With blockers and pads for Lu and for Lack

The ice was set and zamboni-ed with glee
To be littered with hats should a Canuck score three
From the rafters with banners for Linden and Smyl
Came a man so jolly, dressed in red, the real deal!

Presents he brought for the players and more
A stocking for Burrows as he struggled to score
A gift for Alberts as he's riding the pine
And for Zack Kassian whose number says 9.

Some have been naughty and some will get coal
But not good ol' Lu, who's been solid in goal
65 shutouts Luongo has to his merit
Would have had more were it not for John Garrett

For GM Mike Gillis who can't make up his mind
And for all referees even though they are blind
Even the visitors get a present to pick
Except for Marchand 'cause he's too much a dick

Silent was the arena usually bursting with cheers
Except for the fans concerned with spilling their beers
From Torts! The cusses! The curses! They came!
Lots more each time the power play came up lame

At the top of his lungs at the players he'd shout
On Hank! On Dank! On Higgins and Kesler!
On Weise! On Welsh! On (not Shea but) Yannick Weber!

"Merry Christmas!" the jolly man shouted, he was finished at last
He even left presents for Canucks of the past
Like that rascal Matt Cooke even though he's an ass
And for Trevor Linden, who once threw a man through the glass

To BMo, to Nazzy and Bert who did bless
The Canucks with the line "The West Coast Express"
Merry Christmas, Mason Raymond, who falls for no reason
And to Mats Sundin, who just played half a season

Gifts for the coaches, Crawford, Quinn and AV
There were even holiday wishes for good 'ol Rick Ley
Harry Neale got something and so did Roger Neilson
But damn straight the red man ignored Mike Keenan

To Bure, to Odjick, to Adams and more
For their run to the Cup in '94
To the Blackhawks and Bruins against who vengeance we swore
For the slashes, the punches, slew foots to the floor

But truce for tonight for all those holiday reasons
There plenty of time to fight during the season
Tonight, however, we'll drink to Saint Nick
Except for Marchand, who's still quite a dick

Merry Christmas to all, Canucks from near and from far
And especially all the fans, because Canucks we all are


Canucks Hockey Blog:

J.J. Guerrero (@canuckshockey)
Chris Golden (@lyteforce)
Matt Lee (@mattlee980)
Clay Imoo (@CanuckClay)
Lizz Moffat (@lizzmoffat)
Victoria Pattison-Denault (@concretefluff)
Jocelyn Aspa (@jocelynaspa)
Ed Lau (@edlau)

A very special thanks to:

Jordan Bowman (@jBowmancouver)
Patrick Johnston (@risingaction)
Nicole van Zanten (@nicolevanzanten)
Justin Ho (@OHYAHH)
Alixis Wright (@alixiswright)
Holly Conway (@HollyConway)
Karen Thomson (@KJT1040)
Matt Sekeres (@mattsekeres)

Filmed on location at:

Rosedale on Robson Suite Hotel (@RosedaleRobson)
The Beat 94.5 (@thebeat945)
TEAM 1040 Radio (@TEAM1040)

Music: Let It Snow - Beegie Adair Trio (@BeegieAdair)

"Canucks 'Twas the Night Before Christmas" written by CHB
Inspired by "A Visit from St. Nicholas" by Clement Clarke Moore
Video directed and edited by Ed Lau © 2013 Show less
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