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RYOKOU CHAPTER 1 (Shane Perkins documentary: sport)

33,616 views 1 year ago
BEGINNING. Shane Perkins and the early years.

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In this first chapter, we meet Shane Perkins and learn about how and why he started track cycling. We hear from his parents, Daryl and Maureen Perkins about Shane as a young restless kid wanting to try everything and how with an Olympic track cyclist for a Dad, the curiosity grew and grew until a day on the track unveiled "a kid with a bit of go" ;)

One of the most remarkable quotes is that on his first interstate trip, Shane came back with two Australian records and three Gold Medals and he'd only been riding for 3 months.


Presented by Onitsuka Tiger.
Proudly supported by Jayco, Huon Aquaculture - the world's most loved salmon,
and 88 stellar individuals via crowdfunding platform Pozible.

View Ryokou in its entirety via our channel playlist. Click here: http://bit.ly/16ubaD6

Ryokou was released globally online over 5 days, in 5 episodes, 12noon daily (AEST),
Monday May 27th - Friday May 31st.

Directed by Davros.
Made by Projucer.
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RYOKOU in all its glory, for your viewing pleasure.

Chapters 1-5 run concurrently as they are released. This playlist also includes some juicy featured extras: A 35min Q&A with Shane Perkins from his home in Takyo, Japan, plus some bike porn style Ryokou 'moments' with behind the scenes info/editorial from our Producers.



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