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Brown B.

  • [CS:S] The Nightmare [絕對武力:次世代 地圖] 惡夢

    • 11 months ago
    After one fucking year this girl is still here.

    audio :

  • Yay, got 200 subscribers finally. ;)

  • Happy birthday to me. :D

  • Got an ingame error in CS:S, I can't see any player's name r health when I look at him.

    Nothing showed up, anyone knows how to fix this?

  • Very boring these days, Gay Tainy video got fucked up, I don't wanna make any of those shitty insult videos just FOR a Mexican by wasting days for my life.

    Now, Mr.Orange and I planned to make a pretty horror map for CS:S, and hopefully, we 've almost done it, Beta testers? Hmm.

  • Let's "shove up" some Mexican asses. ;)

  • Now I found out that "Comrade24" is just another guy like El Tainy.

  • Making The Ballet of Gay Tainy Chapter III and Mr.Bigshot Adventure now.

  • Lolololol, I'm so bored that I made a Left 4 Dead Louis radio for CS:S.

    Includes and PILLZ HERE sounds, and AHHHHHHHHHHHHH sounds.


  • ElCalvoDeIronMan and ElCalvoDeVinDiesel are Gay TAINY'S other two dogs, go spam in their profile, NAO!

  • Why the fuck is CSS skins thread closed?

  • Just got profile spammed by Gay Tainy's dog....."SoapMctavish06".

  • Holy fuck. :O

    Everyday I get messages from new Mexican fags. "Fuck you,jjkajkajkajaja."

    Gay Tainy's army is still exist.

  • The Chapter three of "The Ballet of Gay Tainy" might be delayed,because one of my actor -Orange is being an ass hole.

    He's annoying and delaying my life.

  • MW2 skins CSS site got closed down due to ass holes stealing skins and call them "my skins".

  • If Kami7ek brought you here,thumbs up! :D


  • There's more and more stealers of CS:S skins these days.

  • When is Valve gonna reupdate CS:S?

  • Yay!

    The childish gay Tainy (Sounds like Gay Tony)

    is trolling me in MSN. :O

  • Hate the dumb new update of CS:S.

    everything got normal maps with phong became really silver.

  • Gonna make a video for ThePooch and Bravo Six's new CTpack. :D

  • Aw,god.

    My internet is playing gay games with me.

    It just can't upload.

  • Yay,I just bought a new computer.

  • Shit!

    These people never finished watching any of my videos.

    Always ask me some questions that the answer is right in the video. D:

  • Shit,it's so quiet.

    There's nothing cool these days.

    Myabe I'll give up my stupid cod skins css video project.

  • I have changed my avatar. :)

  • Someone have to make a world model for the Black Ops Commando rifle. D:

  • Should I start using gmod to film?

  • Just purchased Gmod.

  • I've got nothing to do these days.

  • G5 is the most short rollercoaster i have sit on ever

  • Give me your opinions,what video can I do next?Miaka's video is on the way. :)

  • Tomorrow,there will be no shortage of fucking stealers,no shortage of mw2css,i know you understand.

  • I want to buy Black Ops! ;)

  • God,Black Ops is out.I really want to buy it.

  • Next video should be war against modders of mw2 skins for css,but now maybe it's not possible i'll make this.Cause some of the ass holes aren't willing to help me,no well.

  • Dowload link of mw2 sounds for css now removed,though they're just sounds

  • I am gonna throw up all over my computer.

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