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CJ Branson

Blu - Morning/Melo

1,486 views 1 year ago
Custom Video for Blu's tracks, Morning & Melo.

Lyrics :

Hello, mellow
I know it's hard to love an ordinary fellow
Especially if you're yellow but we gel like jello
Bass and treble, bow for a cello
Turn it up a level, come and dance with this delicate devil
Got hoes in a shovel but, yo, I'd rather settle with this
Hot kettle pothead from the heaven-
Scent, smell like an angel even when I'm hella bent off of that
Style killer, been a while since I lived with her
Sore loser for sure, it's all yours but the child wasn't mine
I bet one out of nine to a dime, six months
I tried to step but, umm... Show less
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