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Cheryl B. Engelhardt

CBE Music Jingle | Songwriter & Music Composer Creates Self-Jingle

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More info: http://cbemusic.com.

Catalyst for Brand Expression - CBE Music - is a music creation company that partners with its clients to craft marketing campaigns which utilize music in a way that produces real results.

I would love to write music for your project, big or small, so get in touch by emailing info (at) cbemusic (dot) com!

Twitter: http://twitter.com/CBE



Hi, I'm Cheryl of CBE Music LLC.
I write music like this for ads, films and TV.
Sometimes I'm asked to make it funny
or dark and epic, or simple and sunny.
I also write songs and sing them too
on stages big and small, for fans old and new.
You can find me sharing about this
in books and blogs and conferences you won't want to miss.
That's what's up, in my CBE jingle,
I'll write one for you that will make your ears tingle!


Special thanks to:

Bryce Longton (curator of great ideas)
J Chris Griffin (mixer)
Oscar Rodriguez (guitars)


Video Resource: http://youtu.be/fr86U6Dcy0s



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