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Preventing Palm Tree Trimmer Fatalities

2,602 views 3 months ago
Tree trimming and pruning is a dangerous occupation. Palm trees have unique risks. Inadequate or improper climbing techniques and equipment can cause fatal suffocation, falls, and electrocution. This video explains the events that led to a palm tree trimmer being suffocated by palm fronds. Photographs from the FACE fatality investigation, and news clips, are supplemented with scenes recreated by tree trimmers. The video highlights best practice climbing and trimming techniques. CDPH encourages tree care companies and trade associations to include this video as part of a comprehensive safety training program. (English, 6 min 56 sec)

The video was produced by the California Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) program (http://www.cdph.ca.gov/prog...) in the Occupational Health Branch of the California Department of Public Health.

To order a copy of the video, call 510-620-5757, or email FACE@cdph.ca.gov

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