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Capture Your Flag

How Do You Capture Your Flag?

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Since 2009, Capture Your Flag has filmed career documentary interviews with rising leaders who share lessons from their journeys to help you better plan, pursue and achieve life and career aspirations.

Capture Your Flag was founded in 2009. The Capture Your Flag philosophy is rooted in the belief that peers one to two steps ahead of you sharing their experiences enables a unique learning resource that will benefit you on your journey. We call this Near Peer Learning.

Video Transcript:

Erik Michielsen: To what do you aspire? What makes your work meaningful? When are you at your best? How do you Capture Your Flag?

Capture Your Flag asks these questions and many more to a group of passionate rising leaders so you can learn from their shared experiences year after year.

So, who do we interview? Rising leaders such as:

Simon Sinek: Hi I'm Simon Sinek. I'm an optimist and I'm trying to build a world in which the vast majority of us wake up every single morning inspired to go to work and come home every single day fulfilled by the work that they do.

Courtney Spence: My name is Courtney Spence. I am founder and executive director of Students of the World.

Clara Soh: Hi, I'm Clara Soh. I'm a health economist and I currently work in the pharmaceutical industry trying to ensure patient access to needed medications.

Fabian Pfortmuller: My name is Fabian Pfortmuller. I'm an entrepreneur and I'm the co-founder of Holstee and Sandbox.

Slava Rubin: My name is Slava Rubin. I'm founder and CEO of Indiegogo.

Lauren Serota: My name is Lauren Serota. I'm a designer and a teacher.

Richard Moross: I'm Richard Moross. I'm the founder and CEO of Moo.com.

Erik Michielsen: These interviewees are near peers, people just like YOU but one or two stages ahead in their lives or careers, who have faced or are facing the same challenges as YOU.

So, what can Capture Your Flag do for you?

We help you learn from the successes and setbacks of others. We help you assess and take action planning your career. We help you overcome obstacles you may be facing. We help you achieve career and life goals important to you. We help YOU Capture Your Flag.

We do this by taking you on a journey with interviewees because we understand you TOO are on a journey and we are here to support YOU by sharing what WE are learning with YOU year after year.

Simon Sinek: And I capture my flag by committing myself to inspire people to do what inspires them.

Courtney Spence: And I capture my flag by working with, empowering and enabling the next generation of creatives to help them find a career doing what they love to do.

Clara Soh: And I capture my flag by trying new things every day.

Fabian Pfortmuller: by building relationships with amazing people who do amazing things all over the world and by building businesses that create social impact and encourage mindful living.

Lauren Serota: By seeking meaning and understanding in the world and then translating that through education and through design.

Richard Moross: By loving what I do.

Slava Rubin: I capture my flag by empowering others to fund what matters to them.

Erik Michielsen: Watch our videos now to benefit from the collective expertise of rising leaders like you making an impact in their lives and work.

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