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CANACE Cleans up Douglas Creek Estates in Caledonia Play

After 6 years of residents being forced to look at trash & stolen property at the Douglas Creek Estates in Caledonia, CANACE has decided to spend the Summer of 2012 cleaning up the trash, & returning the stolen property to its rightful owners.

Stay tuned for a Summer full of surprises for the remaining radicals who oppose the cleanup.

Dougs Smokes protests Play

In late 2007, Caledonia resident / activist Doug Fleming began a series of anti illegal smoke shack protests that saw him do everything he possibly could to get arrested for selling contraband cigarettes from the nearby Six Nations Indian Reserve.

HIs goal was that once he was arrested for selling these "rollies", the issue of illegal smokes would be forced into the courts, and the OPP would no longer be able to ignore the many Native run illegal shacks on the South side of Caledonia.

Over the course of several months, Mr. Fleming waged war on the contraband tobacco trade with a series of protests that unquestionably represent a unique chapter in Canadian history.

The OPP were unwilling to arrest Mr. Fleming even when he set up shop in the parking lot of the local OPP detachment and sold $10 ziplock bags of unregulated contraband cigarettes with an OPP officer standing 5 feet away looking on.

The Ernie Palmer Story Play

3 years after the height of the occupation of DCE, 75 year old Ernie Palmer is forced to endure a 6 month illegal occupation of his front yard by a Native thug who builds a smoke shack on Palmers land. He shared his unique and horrifying story with me in this 8 part 90 minute interview
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