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We Build Hope

2,736 views 8 months ago
Every 26 seconds in the U.S. a student drops out of school, costing taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars in incarceration, health care and welfare costs, as well as lost revenue. But, we know these students WANT to succeed.

buildOn's afterschool programs empower students to serve -- helping seniors citizens, the homeless, and younger children in their communities. We take these same students to build schools in some of the poorest countries on the planet. Through service, students learn to see themselves as the solution, not the problem. And, they elevate expectations for themselves and their futures. 95% of buildOn students not only graduate from high school, they go on to college.

Website: www.buildon.org
Blog: www.buildon.org/blog
Twitter: @buildOn

Thank you to Ogilvy and Mather for donating their time and talent to create this short film. Show less
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Students across the U.S., who are involved in the buildOn afterschool program, share their thoughts on the state of education and transformational power of service. These videos are a true reflection of the struggles urban students are facing today, as well as the hope and compassion they share despite the obstacles they face.

Learn more at: www.buildOn.org
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  • Stars by Alannah Forman

    This video was created by high school senior and buildOn Los Angeles Chapter member Alannah Forman after her experience building a school in Malawi.

    Website: www.buildon.org
    Blog: buildonfromthefi...
  • Breaking the Cycle - Yahaira's Story

    Yahaira speaks about how service and friendship helped her to regain her self-confidence and become a hero to the young children she mentors. Support students like Yahaira at buildon.org.
  • Breaking the Cycle - Amanda's Story

    buildOn alum Amanda Perez speaks about the impact of service on her life in high school and beyond.

    Join the buildOn movement! Learn how you can take action to break the cycle of poverty, illitera...
  • Breaking The Cycle - Mo's Rap

    Mo, a South Bronx high school student, takes a break to rap about building a school in Haiti.

    Mo and 15 other students traveled to Haiti with buildOn to help a local community construct its first ...
  • Breaking the Cycle - Tierra's Story

    Tierra shares the story of how, after the death of both her mother and her father, service helped her turn her life around.

    buildOn is dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and l...
  • Service is Important to Me

    We asked buildOn students from inner-city high schools across the U.S. to send in videos telling us why service is important to them.

    buildOn is dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty, illite...
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