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Brianna Robinson

Amazing Original Song Made In 2 Days Called "Know You Better" By 16 Year Old Brianna Robinson

323 views 11 months ago
Hey. Guess what? ...I wrote this amazing original song in 2 days!! No help.. Ya...I know right! Haha I got this beat from the amazing Herrod Records on Soundcloud!! I also have 2 other songs I have written and I used his beats on those as well. Well inspired from Justin Bieber. I also did not use professional recording material..I used Soundcloud to record. This song isn't really from my personal life but only a bit. I wrote it based on things I hear from girls and obviously a girls perspective. I really hope you all like it. Here is my soundcloud channel below and lyrics below!! Check it out!

Verse 1:
It was a Friday afternoon, I didn't know what to do,
Something in my mind told me to, I had to get your number boo
It was a typical day at school,
Your grind gave me butterflies,
Every time you walked by my side,
I always tried to hide my eyes, aye,
But you came to me and asked me where my next class,
I had to hold back and act like it wasn't obvious,
Boy what you do to me inside I can't describe, but if you only knew how I feel
I can't be happy boy
Without you here, without you near, my minds all clear
And, boy, I can't wait to get to know you better
Just know I'm always here, oh aye boy

Verse 2:
I looked down at his paper
It says classroom 3
And he smiled at me softly, where going to the same place
And my heart starts beating fast
I could't help it but to ask
Whats your name and where you from oh (aye)x3
Your so sweet I couldn't take it
You got me in cloud nine
And I couldn't pay attention
That's when the teacher caught me dreamin' oh
I just can't describe the way you make me feel, oh


Oh, you make me feel like I'm on top of the world
Your smile, your ways, your charm got the best of me boy
My life can't be complete without you here with me
Oh, I'm the luckiest girl in the world right now
Your over there I'm over here
hey, I love it when you make me smile.


Oh, That's when I got your number boo. Show less
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