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Homemade Bread, Yogurt and Chocolate Melting

44,151 views 2 years ago
The Folding Proofer is a convenient fold-out box with electronic temperature control that delivers predictable and accurate low-temperature heat.

Accomplished cooks know that the secret to many kitchen processes — rising bread, making yogurt, melting chocolate for dessert, and making healthy probiotic foods — is accurate, reliable low temperature control. That's why professionals invest thousands of dollars in proofing ovens. Until now, there has been no comparable product for home kitchens.

The Brød & Taylor Folding Proofer changes that. It offers home cooks something they've never had before: Complete control. Foolproof temperature management. Predictable results. Show less
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The Folding Proofer - How It Works Play

Maintain complete control over food preparation processes. Foolproof temperature management and predictable results. A baker's dream, whether you're an amateur or expert. Easy to set up and store.

The Folding Proofer is the Best Yogurt Maker

Make yogurt from nearly any kind of milk in small batches or up to 2 gallons. Digital temperature control allows control over yogurt taste and thickness.

Folding Proofer Bread Rising Tips

Follow any bread recipe (yours or ours) in either loaf pans or free-form. Put your dough in the Proofer for its first rise. Shape loaves and rise a 2nd time in the Proofer. Bake in your home oven according to the recipe. The bread you make will come out beautifully since it will have risen (proofed) under ideal conditions.

How to Make Bread with the Folding Proofer Play

Country Wheat Hearth Bread rises predictably in the Folding Proofer and produces beautiful baguettes.

The Folding Proofer and Chocolate

Working with chocolate can be difficult because of the danger of scorching or seizing. Not so with the Folding Proofer. It's perfect for making easy and impressive treats with chocolate.
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