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2001: A Video Odyssey

1,819 views 6 months ago
In April 2008, a young(ish) man set out to make stupid videos, and somehow learned how to make better ones. Here's to the journey, one that will hopefully continue for some time to come!

Song found here: http://ocremix.org/remix/OC... Show less
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Dragon Quest IV Talkthrough Play

The Hero, living in obscurity in the small village in the mountains, sits down to dinner, and he wonders about what companions will join him on his journey. So begins the Chapters of the Chosen, which leads you on four separate stories, setting up the fifth and ultimately epic fifth chapter, where the Hero will find these people as he attempts to down the Lord of the Underworld!

New Super Mario Brothers Wii Co-op Play

Bowser's children (from different games no less!) show up at Princess Peach's Birthday, spiriting her away! It is up to you to go after them, saving her through eight worlds of mayhem!

This is a great adventure, and thanks to the multiplayer that Nintendo added in, I am joined by my good friend Rudi, who will help me traverse all obstacles, getting all the Star Coins, and getting Peach back... yet again!
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