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Brion Emde

Now Now Now

373 views 5 years ago
This video came from a home movie, originally shot on a summer vacation in 1991. The early scene is the "Rabbit Campground" in Caldwell, ID (I don't know the real name, but I could find it if you ask.). Unfortunately, we were there some years later and the rabbits had all contracted some disease and were no longer inhabiting that campground.

The next scene is the Bridge Troll under the Aurora Bridge in Seattle, WA. That's my son, Martin on top and my ex-wife remarking about the crushed Volkswagen.

The final pan scene (that lined up perfectly, just by accident) is at Mt. Rainier National Park. That's Martin again, on the hood and me standing there, wondering why I brought all these bicycles with us and no one is riding them (or something similar, I'm sure).

The audio track is extracted from a free podcast provided by the folks at ZBS Foundation (www.zbs.org). I have, and can provide, permission from ZBS to use their audio clip. Show less
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