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Gregor Tresher - Nightcolors - The Remixes Play

Buy here: http://www.beatport.com/release/nightcolors-the-remixes/1226­057

It's safe to say that 2013 has been the biggest year in Gregor Tresher's career so far. Remixing Depeche Mode & Moby, releasing his 4th full length "Nightcolors" album and completing another tour around the globe spanning over more than 8 months, there is no stopping in sight for the man. So, to start the new year as strong, Gregor and Break New Soil are excited to release "Nightcolors - The Remixes".

After French legend Laurent Garnier presented us with his marvelous interpretation of "Nighcolors" last December, it is now time for the second part of the remix series.

The six track strong package, starts off with 2000 And One & Sandy Huner who provide us with a more minimalistic version of "Nightcolors" - that teases with the original elements and focuses on the groove and the overall feel of the track.

Followed by Shinedoe, who dresses "Nightcolors" in a very laid back wardrobe and also adds some of her own components in the process.

Nuno Dos Santos follows the original direction of "Nightcolors" and adds his signature beats and sounds to make it his very own adaptation.

Gregor Tresher chose A_ldric's "Warm Keys" remix as the winning submission of Beatport's "Permafrost" remix contest. His mix is an incredibly well balanced and musically engaging piece of art.

Another remix of "Permafrost" that got picked during the contest was Luca Marchese's. Raw, energetic and Techno in it's purest most powerful form it is.

Pazkal from Zurich injects "Nightcolors" with a well dosed amount of energy and snare drum madness, while almost completely ignoring the original melodic patterns.
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