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Braindeadly 4

582,766 views 2 years ago
I have switched to a new channel: http://bit.ly/W4fsLr
Braindeadly 4. A World of Warcraft Hunter PvP montage.

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-- Please Read -- For full quality, watch on 1080p --
Braindeadly 4:

I've set the bar high for Braindeadly 4 with a a lot of hours put into playing, finding the right music and editing whilst obtaining clips vs some of the best players in the world.
PriestHDK clips were recorded with Mehh and Rghxwhfgjfdk and we reached around 2630 rating (equivalent to 2900+ pre MMR change), the highest rated PHDK in Season 11.

What to expect: Arena matches vs some of the top well known players in Oceanic/US and European servers - Also some games took place in the NAO tournament. All games on alliance hunters are played on Battlegroup Nightfall-US, arguably the best in US.
Team mates: Mehh, Rghxwhfgjfdk, Jimos, Skoez, Diggle, Nerox

Atlas Plug - Truth be Known (http://fixtstore.com/atlasplug)
iNexus - Ownage (http://youtu.be/DJbwyG_DaBA)
iNexus - Insanity (http://youtu.be/ZvAjd8MqkWs)
Rameses B - Visionary (http://www.youtube.com/liqu...)

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NOTE: I'VE MOVED CHANNELS, click here to sub: http://bit.ly/W4fsLr
This is my last full Hunter PvP montage for this expansion. I hope to produce even more videos like this in MoP (Mists of Pandaria).
My Second channel: http://www.youtube.com/Brai...


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