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Brad Smith

  • Vsauce3

    • 102 videos
    Fictional Worlds are Amazing

    BUSINESS EMAIL: Jake [at] Vsauce.com

    Vsauce3 launched in September 2012 and is run by Jake Roper

    Vsauce is...
    Michael Stevens: Producer/Host of Vsauce1
    Kevin Lieber: Pr
  • Super Riff Bros.

    • 5 videos
    The video game riffing show tackling game demos, FMV game cut scenes, training videos, cartoons, and more!
  • Mike Myers

    • 219 videos
    Tech-Zen.tv is a Technology Content Producer that allows you to get your Tech fix on your time. We do broadcast our shows live as we record them and you can interact with us live in the chat room as
  • LCD Thermostat - Let's Make It - Episode 25

    This week we show you how to read a temperature sensor then we build a Thermostat that monitors the temperature and turns on the AC, Heat or Emergency Heat. Then we take it one step further and tu...
  • Nintoaster Instructional Video

    I filmed the entire process of building my last Nintoaster ("Nintoaster II") and turned it into some kind of instructional video of sorts. It's 85% informative, 10% bullshit and 5% other.
  • Pat the NES Punk

    • 579 videos
    Comedic reviews of the Nintendo Entertainment System's games, the Completely Unnecessary Podcast every other week, Flea Market Madness, Ask Frank, and more!

    Business inquiries: pat@thepunkeffect.com
  • TheJWittz

    • 438 videos
    My name is Josh Wittenkeller, probably better known to the Pokemon community by the moniker of JWittz. I'm a Media Studies graduate in real life. But in my free time, I love to make videos about Pokem
  • blee427

    • 118 videos
    The Game Anthropologist is here! Striving everyday to bring you the viewer closer to video game culture. A never ending study of gaming culture and the wonderful denizens that make it up.

    Also inclu
  • The Game Theorists

    • 171 videos
    Every Saturday, we separate the fact from the fiction in some of your favorite video games. From arrows in knees to zombies in space, from headshots to Halo, we've got you covered. Learn random info w
  • TheNationalDex

    • 203 videos
    PokéKellz and Alex are a couple of charming and dedicated Pokémon Masters with the absurd yet noble goal of providing a definitive video resource for Pokémon trivia, training, and battle strategy for
  • ERB

    • 40 videos
    The Epic Rap Battles of History is a video series created by Nice Peter, epicLLOYD, Dave McCary, and Maker Studios.

    fans contact email: ERBfanmail(at)gmail.com

    business contact email (no battle sugg
  • ProJared

    • 293 videos
    I'm ProJared. I do gaming reviews and funny gaming videos. So, y'know. Points for originality.

    You can send me stuff!
    P.O. Box 292100
    Lewisville, TX 75029
  • O Fortuna Misheard Lyrics

    Shh... our little secret
  • Ikari Warriors - Angry Video Game Nerd - Episode 110

    Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=James...

    Angry Video Game Nerd (Episode 110)
    Listen to "Where did their Hair Go" by Kyle Justin
    • CC
  • The Gaming Historian

    • 73 videos
    The Gaming Historian is a documentary series covering a variety of topics in the video game industry.

    New episodes appear first at http://www.retrowaretv.com

    Comments? Questions?
  • Super Mario Beads 3

    A beaded Mario in yet another epic suburban stop motion adventure.
    Made by: Marcus and Hannes Knutsson

    Don't forget to check out Bakom Beads / Behind The Beads, our behind the scenes featurette: ...
  • Vsauce

    • 299 videos
    Our World is Amazing.

    Subscribe for Mind-Blowing Facts & The Best of the Internet

    Questions? Ideas? Tweet me: http://www.twitter.com/tweetsauce

    Business + Press Inquiries: michael [at] vsauce [dot
  • Did You Know Gaming

    • 80 videos
    Providing general trivia on the subject of video games.

    Contact email: didyouknowgaming@gmail.com
  • Sp0ntanius

    • 7 videos
    Saving the princess one video at a time...
  • JonTronShow

    • 69 videos
    Welcome to JonTron, a show about bad movies and video games and a guy who likes to yell at them!


    Business Email: Jontronnity@gmail.com
  • Minecraft: Xbox 360 1.8.2 New Structures

    Showing the new structures - Ravine, Abandoned Mineshaft, Village and Stronghold.
  • Example: Solve a Right Triangle Given the Length of Two Sides

    This video provides an example of solving a right triangle given the length of two sides of the right triangle.
    • CC
  • Minecraft Adventure E20 "Absentminded" (Game-play/Commentary)

    Join my community (forums and chat!) @ http://www.punchwood.com

    Minecraft 1.2 survival adventure from First Spawn to the End Realm to kill a dragon (and everything in between)!

    Map seed: -916373...
  • Minecraft Texture Pack - Defined (True to Original, 32x, 64x HD)

    Discuss @ http://www.punchwood.com

    Texture pack test drive of "Defined" which is a 32x and 64x HD pack for Minecraft 1.2.5 and Snapshot 12w22a. I like this pack because it's faithful to the origin...
  • Minecraft Spellbound Caves E36 "Game Over" (Hardcore Super Hostile)

    Join my community @ http://www.punchwood.com

    Please take a moment to RATE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE! Thank you!

    Final episode of my Spellbound Caves hardcore playthrough! Hope you enjoyed and here's m...
  • paulsoaresjr

    • 1,839 videos
    Family-friendly Minecraft and other game-play!

    I'm just a regular guy that enjoys PC gaming as a hobby. I'm also a full-time business owner, husband, and father so I'm kinda busy! If I don't reply to
  • Minecraft Adventure E13 "Lucky 13" (Game-play/Commentary)

    Please "LIKE" if you enjoy the video and leave me a comment! Thanks!

    Minecraft 1.2 survival adventure from First Spawn to the End Realm to kill a dragon (and everything in between)!

    Map seed: -9...
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