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Bathroom Dancing Project:

I began this project in 2007 as an attempt to respond to the unique mood that each bathroom or stall evokes through movement. I don't allow myself advance preparation other than a quick camera set-up. Influenced by everything from wall texture and fixtures to whoever might be on the other side of the shared wall, I have enjoyed investigating qualities of stealth, sneakiness and the tension between public and private. ************************************************************

Brady Bergeson of The Lit 6 Project and Electric Arc Radio has this to say:

"The public bathroom is a place where I attempt to touch nothing and
leave quickly. Megan Mayer enters a bathroom and touches everything,
She climbs toilets, caresses walls and then twirls. At first, her
bathroom dances are unsettling, especially to a germaphobe like me.
But then you are forced to consider the spaces she discovers. To watch
her press her body into the corner of a bathroom stall, squirming to
find a position (to find comfort?), as if she is yearning for a hug or
embrace, is to witness something uniquely sensual."

socktesting Play

socktesting is a collaborative performance project created by Megan Mayer and Mark Abel Garcia that premieres June 5-15, 2008 at the illustriously gritty Soap Factory in Minneapolis.

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