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Matteo Bosi

Alchemy of the worlds - multi instrumentalist

6,360 views 5 years ago

In this video i play 14 instruments, and more were used for the recording of the song itself.

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"Alchemy of the worlds" was composed, played and recorded by Matteo Bosi (http://www.alchemystudio.it
), filmed and directed by Luca Rebecchi

Instruments played (in order of appearance in the video):
Electric guitar (Hamer Slammer Archtop)
Classical guitar
Erhu (chinese violin)
Dizi (chinese flute)
Pan Flute
Fujarka (Slovak flute)
Piano (samples from Garritan Personal Orchestra)
Bass guitar
Acoustic guitar
Valiha (Madascar typical instrument)
Sitar (from india)
12 strings guitar
Electric guitar (Yamaha Pacifica)

The following instruments were also used for the recording:

Drying clothes rack
Tibetan bell
Korg 01RW
Yamaha TG77
Creamware Minimax and B2003
Rayzoon Jamstix (drum parts)

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Ninna Nanna - Lullaby for children Play

Buy my lullaby CD / compra i miei CD di ninne nanne:


Volete addormentare il vostro bimbo con delle belle ninne nanne? questo CD è perfetto per voi!
Contiene 19 tracce di musica originale, ninne nanne popolari e il preludio n.1 del Clavicembalo Ben Temperato di J.S. Bach.

Queste ninne nanne sono state composte per espimere la mia amicizia e gioia per la nascita dei figli di alcuni miei amici. Tutti i genitori mi hanno detto che i bambini apprezzano molto questa musica e si addormentano presto mentre le ascoltano, spero che l'effetto sia lo stesso anche per i vostri piccoli! :)

Do you need some music to let your children sleep? This CD is perfect for you, it contains 19 tracks of original music, made by me. There are also two well known popular lullaby and an arrangement of Bach, Prelude n.1 for well tempered clavier.

This music was composed to express all my friendship and joy for the birth of babies of several friends of mine. Every mom and dad told me that their child felt asleep while listening to these songs: I hope it will be same for your darling, too! :)

Royalty free music Play

This music is available as royalty free license: http://audiojungle.net/user/bosone?ref=bosone

or contact me at
matteo at alchemystudio.it

Just Listen - John Cage 4'33'' on weird instruments Play

Are you able to listen to yourself? Do you listen to your thoughts and your dreams? Are you listening to what is near you? To the people you love?
Just listen to the world!
This video is part of a series of performances in which I play 4'33'', John Cage's most famous and most controversial composition, on different ethnic, weird and non-common instruments. 4'33'' was composed in 1952 for any instrument (or combination of instruments), and the score instructs the performer not to play the instrument during the entire duration of the piece. In 4′33″, neither artist nor composer has any impact on the piece, There is no way to control what ambient sounds will be heard by the audience when the score is performed. So... just listen!


Download all the tracks here:

Listen also to the music I composed:
and visit my website:
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