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Christian Rocha

Stay Alive (teaser... lol) - GTA IV Machinima

112 views 10 months ago
Probably the most fruitiest title i ever done made. this is a lil trailer/intro of a vid im going to make thats a sequel to that one with the nerd guy or whatever. but i know for sho that the rest of this vid aint gonna be up for awhile cuz of bitchass school. DAMMIT. Oh yea its just about zombies and schit! (was also just messing around with annoying and excessive filters and camera angles) Show less
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This just has some things that I came up with just fo kicks. Doesnt really relate to anythin much, just fo fun.
Just som drum playin' n covers of musica that i likey

Grand Theft Auto IV Play

Grand Theft Auto IV (pc) videos. U kno it could b pretty much anything bout gta IV; gameplay/machinimas/bloopers watever the fuuh
The most crapiest gmod vids that i used for school projects x) despite the lack of good quality and content, it got me that damn A in english :3 Oh yeah but that surfing vid is just random, i didn't use that bitch for school whatsoever. KK enjoiii
Clips of Saints Row 3 FUNK xD

Counter Strike

Vids of Counter Strike 1.6. Could be of anythin related 2 da game.
  • Let's Play - The Sims 1 (part 1)

    Apparently I got just enough time to make something like this. BUT ITS THE SIMS!!!! Yup. Just decided to make a let's play type of thing with one of my fav games. I forgot to take the part where i ...
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