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Jamtrackcentral.com - The No.1 in Guitar Improvisation

35,160 views 8 months ago
Come check out the brand new site now:
Video created by http://dwstudio.co.uk/

New Site, New Features, Same Vision

The brand new JTC website has officially gone live! Alongside the new look and layout, the idea is to give you much more control over how you wish to use all of our ever-expanding content. Here are some of the key changes:

Premium Membership options are now available! Get unlimited streaming access to all jam track packages. Yep...that is every single solo, solo backing, extended jam track, video and Tab/Notation from every single artist! Plus loads of other exclusive Member benefits, such as first look at all new weekly releases and member discounts!

The new 'Store' tab is the hub of everything available. Jam Track products, Album Backings, Free Tracks and Special Offers have now been separated for quicker navigation. Plus, Artist Merch is now available.

Your 'Dashboard' has had a major uplift. 'My Tracks' is the hub of your very own JTC catalogue, where you can stream all of the audio from your selected packages. All customers get unlimited streaming access to our Free Tracks, and Premium Members can add any/all of our Jam Track Packages here.

When you are ready to study a track in more detail, click the 'Learn' button for further controls over the audio, video and TAB.

This is just a quick overview, when you log in to your account you will be taken through the full tour!

We hope you enjoy the new site! Show less
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Guthrie Govan Play

All of Guthrie Govan's incredible Jam Track's in one place!
This is the master of guitar improvisation at his absolute finest!
Download the full TAB and backings at www.jamtrackcentral.com for any of these exclusive tracks!

Alex Hutchings Play

All of Alex Hutchings' jam track package videos in one place!
Learn from the best!!
Download the full TAB and backings at www.jamtrackcentral.com for any of these exclusive tracks!
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