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Blight Productions

Arts, Culture & The Creative Process - Patreon Support Video - Blight Productions, 2014

7,947 views 3 months ago
Please support our project here: http://www.patreon.com/blig...

Join us as we explore the creative process through short-form arts and culture human interest docu-series featuring the most inspired visionaries we can find!

Blight Productions is an independent multi-award winning boutique media production company based in LA; we specialize in the documentation, education, inspiration and promotion of art, life and creativity.

We use this platform to create a transparent democratically funded public service providing unique unfiltered inspirational short-form documentaries about visionary artists and creative ideas we think you should consider.

Our goal is to ensure that the documentaries we produce are as pure, open and honest as the artists featured in them. To achieve this, we keep these productions independent and free from corporate agendas and censorship. By pledging any amount of money, you will not only help us produce more inspirational tales, but you will also help brilliant artists from around the world share their stories, passions and work with the global art-loving community.

NOTE: As a way to help inspire significant positive change in the world; 10% of the proceeds from each video funded through this Patreon page will be donated to various charities either chosen by the episodes' featured artist or voted on by our Patreon supporters!

Please check out our "creator goals" on the Patreon page, and see how we plan to spend the money. Every cent you pledge to support will go directly to the production and promotion of more fantastic stories!


If you still do not understand how this funding platform works, please take a minute to watch this video from the folks that developed the site. http://youtu.be/OTQ8zMH35wc

The main project we are currently focused on is "A FOOL'S IDEA", please visit the website for more information. http://www.afoolsidea.com/.

You can also explore the Blight Productions website and find some of the other award winning projects we have done in the past. http://www.blightproduction... Show less
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"ART or something like it!" is an episodic television series that streams online and aired on CUNY TV. "A.O.S.L.I" features artists of all genres, backgrounds and media -- music, performance, writing, painting, photography, sculpture, film & video, and more -- who share their lives and work.

"A.O.S.L.I's" mission was to blur the creative lines between music, performance art, fine art, film and video, while promoting New York City's independent art scene by educating and inspiring public television viewers around the globe.

Featuring interviews with:
Bill Plympton, Lloyd Kaufman, Gregory Barsamian, The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, Vulgaras, Gerald V. Casale, Bill Etra, Scott McCloud, The MF Gallery, Shakerleg, One Ring Zero, The Baghdaddios, Lach, Clay Mcleod Chapman, Julz-A, Marie A. Roberts, Adam Matta, Breadfoot, Nick Basile, Russ Lachance, Molly Crabapple, Adam Barnick, Kanene Holder, Miwa, Jerrod Bogard, Andrea Grant, Carol Salmanson, Matt Kohn, Experience Vocal Dance, Jeff Zornow, Sneakas, Missy Galore, Ann Marle Mcdonnell, Todd Robbins, House of Mercado, Dan Springer, Patrick Smith, Magic Brian, Robert Forman, Eric Davis(AKA The Red Bastard), Smadar Levi, Michael Krasowitz, Heru, Benton-C Bainbridge, Doug-Z, St. Reverend Jen, Lyn-Don McCray, Jack Anderson, Jim-C, Zero Boy, Laura Thomas, Charles Basman, Baron, Dara Bratt, Eddie Alfaro, The Green Circus, Gisella Sanders Alcantara, Langhorne Slim, Taliah Lempert, Adam Kendall, Ramiro Flores, Igor Zusev, Angel Eyedealism, Doron Altaratz, Melanie Shatzky, Kamal Imani, Biff Juggernaut Productions, Remy DeLaroque, Dyestra Brown, Grind Hard Productions, Elli Fordyce, Jessica Delfino, Antonia Katrandjieva, Edward Weiss, Dave Dalessandro, Jackie Sheeler, Nick Zedd, Black Flamingo, Mike-A, Kate Brehm, Melissa Ulto, S. Kaye Klein, Big Brooklyn Red, Jordan Schachter, Tyler Fyer

"ART or something like it!"
is created, produced, directed,& edited
Brian A. Bernhard
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